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Organic Gluten Free is Here!

On a gluten free diet?  Or, prefer to eat Organic?  Why not eat ORGANIC GLUTEN-FREE!  If you have some type of reaction to gluten, your digestive system is probably sensitive. You might want to try eating Organic Gluten-Free to by-pass eating food laced with chemicals!  

And for those who do not have gluten sensitivites but like to eat gluten free, Doesn't Organic makes sense for you as well?

You've found the right place! We have Organic Gluten Free Flours and Grains available for you, as well as "Healthier" gluten free mixes!

Customer Care

Our goal is to ship your gluten free products (Flours, Grains & Mixes) USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours, for only a $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping Fee. 

Our facility does not carry any nuts, soy or corn flours to help those who are especially sensitive to those products!

Our mixes do not contain any chemicals, dyes or preservatives.

If you are interested in Wholesale Pricing, please call us at 763-684-8115. Please leave a message if we miss your call.    

Quality Focused

Because we are a smaller company, we don't stock tens of thousands of pounds of product as it can possibly go stale. Some product on grocery store shelves were sitting in the manufacturer's warehouse waiting for a store to order, then shipped in a hot truck, then either placed on shelves or stored in the back of the store.  Of course, this is also detrimental to the quality of the product and possibly will shorten the expiration date that is on the package! 

We order  fresh ingredients in smaller amounts, and keep them stored in a temperature controlled facility, so when we send your order it is FRESH and has a longer shelf life!   

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