Buffalo Valley Gluten-Free

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About Us

Who is Buffalo Valley Gluten-Free?

We are a small family owned company with a variety of Organic Gluten Free Flours, Grains & Mixes available.  

We began 10 years ago as Buffalo Valley Grains selling regular & GF flours & grains.  We eventually changed to selling only gluten-free.

What's So Special About Us?

Because we are a smaller company we don't bring in a semi load of product.  We purchase small loads in order to be able to offer Fresh product to our Customers. 

We also keep our product in a temperature controlled facility to keep our flours from getting rancid.


Our goal is to ship your order within 48 hours of receipt.  We ship USPS Priority, but if the order comes in after Wednesday during the summer, your order may not ship until the following Monday.   Our flat rate shipping fee is only $7.95 - no matter how much you order each time!

We don't want to take a chance of your order sitting in a hot warehouse or vehicle over a weekend or holiday!

Also, our facility does not carry any nuts or soy / corn flours.  There are many who must eat gluten-free that cannot be exposed to those ingredients.  We have decided to accommodate their needs.

Our mixes do not contain any chemicals, preservatives or dyes.  It's as if you made them from scratch at home!